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Test Your Home or Business for Asbestos Fibers


Asbestos testing is vital, especially for homes or business establishments built in the ‘70s that typically have materials manufactured with asbestos fibers. If you suspect asbestos on your property, call the professionals right away.


To spot possible asbestos-containing materials, these are the places you should begin inspecting:

Walls and ceilings

Sheets used inside and outside of the home such as “Versilux” and “Hardiflex” may contain asbestos fibers. These boards are often fabricated with recessed, square, or beveled edges.


Some gutterings are manufactured with asbestos cement. Other times, the gutters catch asbestos residues from the roofs.


Often, sheetings plastered over old baths and showers use ‘Versilux’ sheets. This material contains asbestos fibers.

Dining and kitchen

Materials containing asbestos are also present in vinyl sheet flooring or floor tiles in your dining and kitchen.

Fencing and gates

Woven fencing, fence panels, and fence capping are known to have asbestos. These materials are commonly known as “Hardiplank” and “Super Six.”


Vent pipes and caps commonly have asbestos cement, hence containing asbestos fibers.


Although asbestos is not harmful if in good condition, do not take risks leaving it untreated. Calling a professional asbestos contractor may save your life and the lives of your loved ones. Before renovating or repairing your home, talk with asbestos experts first.

North Carolina Asbestos Regulations You Should Be Aware Of

It is no secret that asbestos fiber is extremely dangerous. Property owners are encouraged to subject their property to asbestos testing. If your home is built in the 70s, consider testing suspected ACM for asbestos immediately.

But even if you do not exactly know what asbestos is, you probably have heard just how dangerous it is. That is why local and federal laws are in place to regulate their use due to the health hazards associated with it.

In North Carolina, regulations mirror the federal standards on the use and removal of asbestos and the asbestos removal process is also monitored and codes must be followed.

Hiring an accredited and professional asbestos inspector and removal company is highly recommended as inspecting asbestos fibers and removing structures that contain asbestos fibers are dangerous tasks. Only experts and professionals should do the work to avoid the release of toxic asbestos fibers.

Some of North Carolina’s statutes and regulations on asbestos-containing materials include:


  • General statutes on permitting, asbestos exposure, and accreditation. This includes asbestos repair, asbestos maintenance, and asbestos removal.
  • General statutes on administrative penalties to anyone who violates the terms of a permit. The penalty for nonhazardous waste can be up to $15,000 per day. The penalty for hazardous waste is not more than $32,500 per day. Further violations can amount to up to $50,000.
  • Safety and health regulations are governed by OSHA. This regulation stresses the scope and application of asbestos work, including the installation of asbestos-containing materials, asbestos spill, emergency cleanup, storage, and disposal.   


Some of the regulatory agencies governing the use and control of ACMs include:


  • The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
  • The Occupational Safety and Health Administration.
  • NC Department of Labor.
  • NC Department of Health and Human Services.
  • Health Hazards Control Unit.


North Carolina has strict regulations on who can perform asbestos management activities — only the qualified are permitted to perform asbestos abatement.


Arrange your asbestos removal project with Asbestos Extreme. We are a professional company servicing Charlotte, NC, and nearby communities. Let us talk about the asbestos services you need today.


What Can You Do If You Disturbed Asbestos Material on Your Property?

Leave the disturbed ACM alone. Do not come near a suspected asbestos-containing material.  ACM releases fibers when torn, scraped, removed, or damaged. Keep an eye on materials you suspect to be ACM.

Is the asbestos slightly damaged? That can either be repaired or completely taken care of by an NC  asbestos removal company.

Repairing disturbed asbestos involves two methods: sealing and covering. Sealing is treating the material using a sealant, while covering involves placing another material over the ACM.

Have you accidentally damaged the material during renovation or demolition? Call a professional to conduct an emergency cleanup right away.

An emergency asbestos cleanup is a crucial operation to prevent the spread of asbestos fibers to the general public. The goal is to minimize exposure by containing asbestos fibers and disposing of waste.

If you suspect ACM on your property, do not panic. Asbestos Extreme is here to take care of disturbed or damaged ACMs. Contact us to ask for advice, report problems, or get an asbestos service estimate.

Hiring an Asbestos Removal Company in Charlotte, North Carolina

Bringing a professional asbestos abatement company to do the job is the wisest and safest decision you will make. When dealing with dangerous asbestos fibers, it is best to let a professional contractor do it to not only reduce the risk of harm to yourself but also to your home after the job is done.

What should you expect from a Charlotte asbestos professional?

  • A company that specializes in asbestos abatement.
  • Someone who is seasoned and knowledgeable in asbestos matters.
  • Have verified qualifications and a licensed asbestos removal company.
  • Can find ways to effectively and safely get rid of asbestos from your property.
  • Understand and follows strict asbestos regulations in North Carolina

What should you do before you hire a professional asbestos company?

  • Ask about the asbestos repair or removal process. How can they make the process efficient and minimize dispersing asbestos fibers while at work? What is their post-cleanup process?
  • Check their state-approved training and proof of accreditation.
  • Find out their experience in asbestos abatement
  • Check the past performance of the asbestos contractor. Ask if they have any recorded and pending safety violations.

Controlling and managing asbestos is a daunting task. That is why Asbestos Extreme has services tailored to our customer’s needs.

Asbestos Extreme Work

Asbestos Extreme will make sure to perform a visual examination of your property. And before we begin our job, we will plan for the asbestos removal and cleanup.

Class I Asbestos Work

This involves activities to remove popcorn ceiling asbestos or asbestos-containing materials. This job typically tackles asbestos insulations and surfacing materials.

Class II Asbestos Work

This involves removing non-thermal ACMs like roofing, wallboards, and floor tiles. It has the same process as the Class I asbestos work but is performed on more specific jobs. Removing intact asbestos-containing roofing materials using wet methods is an example of this.

Class III Asbestos Work

Asbestos repair and maintenance are included in this type III operation. This job usually does not use wet methods or have a negative exposure assessment. It is done when thermal system insulation or the ACM is cut or broken.

Asbestos Extreme are trained to conduct the best asbestos removal in Charlotte, NC regardless of the class of asbestos work.

Check out our services page for full details of our asbestos services.


Asbestos Extreme ACM Abatement Process in Charlotte, NC


The asbestos abatement process we follow aims to mitigate the situation. Our removal, repair, and maintenance of ACMs are designed to protect you, our team, and the general public.


Our asbestos abatement process includes:


  • Pre-asbestos abatement activities like an inspection.
  • Setting the decontamination units.
  • Using proper asbestos removal equipment and protection.
  • Complete removal of the asbestos-containing material or proper and safe repair of disturbed ACMs.
  • Proper and safe collection and disposal of ACM.

Our Site Preparations for Charlotte Asbestos Removal


  • Establishing the work area.
  • Making sure the electrical systems and HVAC are disabled.
  • Post warnings about the dangers of asbestos and possible health hazards like lung disease and cancer.
  • Seal items and areas not getting abated with plastic sheeting.
  • Clean up after the asbestos removal.
  • Sealing asbestos-containing waste and disposing at designated landfills.

There are federal regulations and protective measures required for the removal and abatement of asbestos, and Asbestos Extreme is the company you can trust to safely and quickly eliminate asbestos from your property.

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Asbestos removal involves an intricate and dangerous process that must be handled properly by seasoned professionals. At Asbestos Extreme, we care about you and our community, so it is extremely important that we employ seasoned professionals to prevent any risks. 

Do you have broken asbestos-containing material or suspect ACMs on your property? Do not risk yourself to exposure. Call Asbestos Extreme and ask for advice on our asbestos removal services or ask about asbestos removal costs.

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