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Comprehensive asbestos removal services can eliminate your worries about possible asbestos exposure due to the presence of asbestos-containing materials on your property. Contact Asbestos Extreme for more information and ensure a secure and asbestos-free environment, mitigating health risks and fostering a safer living or working space today.

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Remediation Rescue: Your Partner In Keeping an Asbestos-Free Environment


Asbestos Extreme is an asbestos removal company situated in North Carolina. Our mission is to guarantee that homes remain free of asbestos fibers, prioritizing safety and comfort. We are deeply committed to executing professional, high-quality asbestos abatement, strictly adhering to federal laws and codes.

Understanding the significance of meeting customer needs, we specialize in listening attentively and devising comprehensive plans for the removal of asbestos-containing materials. Our expertise extends not only to removal but also repair and maintenance of ACMs (Asbestos Containing Materials). 

At Asbestos Extreme, we take pride in our role as your trusted partner in asbestos removal, providing top-of-the-line services while keeping your well-being at the forefront.

Asbestos Abatement

Addressing the need for asbestos abatement involves focusing on alleviating stress related to home safety. This includes planning and preparing for asbestos-related tasks, as well as effectively containing and managing affected areas.

Asbestos Removal

There are significant penalties for violators or those who improperly handle asbestos waste, and we take pride in our ability to handle a variety of asbestos remediation services. Asbestos Extreme ensures to use of the best technology for asbestos removal in every project.

Asbestos Testing

Conducting an on-site asbestos survey for homes typically requires a few hours, while larger facilities may take a few days. Asbestos Extreme inspects damaged materials to evaluate the necessity for additional asbestos work and will gather samples of materials that potentially contain asbestos. We also check materials including pipe cement, popcorn ceiling asbestos, and roof shingles.

Popcorn Ceiling Asbestos

Asbestos Extreme is a full-service asbestos removal company with expertise in popcorn ceiling asbestos removal and other asbestos-related services. Popcorn ceilings in homes constructed before 1990 frequently contain asbestos. We encourage homeowners to schedule a removal of the materials to mitigate health risks. An inspection will be conducted to determine if complete removal is necessary.

Your safety is our priority. Ensure a safer environment with our professional team! You can trust Asbestos Extreme for thorough and secure asbestos removal services.

The goal of Asbestos Extreme is to give the best asbestos abatement services in Winston-Salem. Our local asbestos specialists will take your situation seriously and provide the best quality work.


Do you want to test your Winston-Salem home for asbestos, or do you need assistance with asbestos removal and maintenance? Contact Asbestos Extreme now!

Preserving The Charm of Raleigh, NC With Asbestos Remediation

Raleigh, established as North Carolina’s capital in 1972 and named after Sir Walter Raleigh, earned the title “City of Oaks” from its founders. Their commitment to preserving wooded areas and parks is evident, and Raleigh proudly hosts the largest annual event in the state, the N.C. State Fair.

Many of the early structures in the city showcase colonial-era architecture. Notable examples include the State Capitol Building. In addition to these historical structures, Raleigh has seen the creation of many contemporary buildings and structures and asbestos removal companies play a vital role in maintaining these structures without compromising architectural styles. 

Airborne asbestos fibers pose health risks and their proper removal improves safety. Eliminating asbestos from public structures, with professionals ensuring legal compliance, ensures the overall safety and well-being of the community.

    What Do You Need To Know About Asbestos?

    Asbestos, a mineral fiber well-known for its ability to withstand heat and its durability, was widely used in various construction materials like insulation, roofing, flooring, and pipes. Despite its previous popularity, asbestos poses significant health risks, including severe lung diseases and various cancers like mesothelioma.

    To mitigate these risks, there are regulations implemented to limit or forbid the utilization of it. If you believe there might be asbestos present in your home or workplace, arrange for professional asbestos testing immediately. If asbestos is present, proper removal measures must be taken. Awareness, education, and adherence to safety guidelines are crucial for safeguarding your safety and that of communities from the hazards associated with asbestos.


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    If you live in Raleigh or own a business and need to inspect for asbestos-containing materials, reach out to Asbestos Extreme. Our team of asbestos contractors offers expert advice and professional services and ensures peace of mind. Feel free to contact us for a price estimate.






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