Asbestos Testing in Charlotte, NC

Exposure to asbestos can lead to a number of serious illnesses, so it is vital to conduct asbestos testing when suspected ACM is damaged or disturbed.

Many properties built in the ’70s have asbestos-containing materials. To this day, some building companies turn a blind eye to the kind of materials they use, but there are reliable asbestos removal companies in Charlotte, NC that you can depend on.

Have a property in Charlotte you want to be tested for asbestos fibers? At Asbestos Extreme, our trusted and skilled asbestos specialists will stop this toxic mineral from hindering you from having a comfortable and happy life.

You can expect the best quality service while we help to prevent risks of exposure using advanced asbestos testing. Do not let asbestos fiber pose a threat to you and your family. Contact Asbestos Extreme for fast and efficient asbestos removal services.

Our Charlotte, North Carolina Asbestos Testing Involves:
Our asbestos services and processes are designed to get results safely and accurately. Our testing procedures will determine whether there are asbestos fibers within a room. 

Asbestos inspection begins with surveying the area or property, inspecting the damaged material to determine if other asbestos work is necessary.

  • Identify the location of the asbestos-containing material.
  • Inspect the damaged or disturbed material and the affected space.
  • Collect samples of materials that may be an ACM.
  • Make an assessment of the damaged ACM and recommend the next steps.
  • Provide survey report.

Asbestos Extreme will go above and beyond to ensure that you are safe. Our testing and assessment involve inspecting all locations and materials, including the surfacing materials and the thermal system insulation as well. Other materials we will check:

  • Pipe cement.
  • Popcorn ceiling asbestos.
  • Roof shingles.
  • Wallboards.
  • Vinyl tiles.
  • Other components

Do you think your home has asbestos? Call our asbestos specialists now to test the material for asbestos to prevent accidents and risks before helping to figure out your next steps.

Although testing for bigger facilities may take a few days, on-site asbestos survey for homes only takes a couple of hours. There might not even be a need to extract materials to plan for asbestos removal.

    Asbestos Testing Is Essential For Your North Carolina Property
    When asbestos-containing material is disturbed, it releases a toxic fiber that has long-term and grave effects like lung diseases and cancer. Hence North Carolina is strict when it comes to treating asbestos-containing materials.

    Residential and commercial properties in Charlotte, NC are recommended to undergo asbestos testing, one of the standards set forth in federal and local regulations.

    • Only accredited professionals can perform asbestos testing procedures. That includes experienced Charlotte, NC asbestos companies, specialists, and asbestos inspectors.
    • Asbestos testing practices should adhere to federal and North Carolina standards.
    • The asbestos inspection firm in North Carolina should demonstrate adequate experience and knowledge. They should be able to safely test and assess the ACM. 
    • Violators or improper handling of asbestos wastes can incur hefty penalties.

    Call Asbestos Extreme today to request more details on our asbestos testing. Our specialists will answer all your asbestos inquiries and we can provide an asbestos testing estimate.

      Asbestos Extreme Is a Trusted Company That Does Asbestos Testing in Charlotte, NC<br />
      Our asbestos testing will confirm if there is asbestos in your home. At Asbestos Extreme, we go above and beyond to give our clients the best services.


      • Professional asbestos inspectors.
      • Accredited and licensed to conduct asbestos testing in Charlotte, NC.
      • Asbestos testing practices according to federal and state regulations.
      • Accurate results from asbestos samples.


      Do you suspect asbestos on your North Carolina property? Call Asbestos Extreme now to schedule an asbestos testing service.

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