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At Asbestos Extreme, we pride ourselves on the ability to undertake a wide range of asbestos abatement services throughout Charlotte, NC, and the neighboring communities.


When it comes to experience and skills in removing asbestos, you can count on us. Our asbestos experts are seasoned professionals with a history of high-quality services in residential asbestos removal. Our team also utilizes the best asbestos removal technology for every project. To give our clients “peace of mind”, we follow a process that will deliver high-quality work safely.


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Safe and Efficient Charlotte Asbestos Removal Service


Here at Asbestos Extreme, we treat asbestos problems seriously. Our crew will carry out the removal of hazardous asbestos-containing materials, including asbestos disposal at proper facilities, with your safety as our highest priority.

Asbestos Removal and Collection

Through asbestos testing, we can confirm if your home was built with ACM. And from there, we will plan the best way to remove and collect the asbestos.


We offer safe asbestos removal and disposal services to clients throughout Charlotte, NC. Our asbestos specialists will plan accordingly to help find out the possible ACMs in your home.


  • Expert asbestos removal.
  • Safe collection and disposal of asbestos-containing materials.
  • Tried and tested asbestos removal process.
  • Advanced asbestos removal technology.
Decontamination Services

After we are done removing asbestos-containing materials, we will decontaminate the work area. The asbestos decontamination process is done to avoid any further accidents and risks to protect our team, our clients, and other areas of their property. 


It is vital to minimize the dust and dirt to prevent asbestos fibers from spreading to other areas of the home. Asbestos Extreme is prepared to perform decontamination.


We use effective strategies to destroy microorganisms. Asbestos Extreme will ensure all asbestos fibers are contained and properly treated.


  • We use proper and thick asbestos waste bags with clear labels.
  • We follow safety protocols when removing dust and debris.
  • We wear disposable coveralls or PPE while working.
  • We understand the right procedure when wrapping and sealing asbestos waste bags.
Environmental Cleaning

We will carefully treat all designated work areas and leave no surface untouched. Our asbestos removal service involves methods that ensure we do not miss residual spots behind. We also do post-clean-up procedures such as collecting our materials and cleaning supplies.


Our specialists will dispose of used PPEs and other contaminated materials at a licensed facility so that you are not exposed to the contaminated PPEs and supplies we used.


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You Need Asbestos Removal For Your Property In Charlotte, NC

Asbestos fiber is a health hazard that must be treated immediately. If you’re in the Charlotte, NC area and your home has ACM that has been disturbed or damaged, call us for a solution right away.


North Carolina has asbestos regulations that mirror the federal standards so standards are in place when dealing with asbestos-containing materials and their removal.


  • Only an accredited and professional service company should treat the infected area. Professionals and asbestos specialists should fix or remove disturbed asbestos-containing materials to avoid releasing more toxic asbestos fibers in the area.
  • Hefty penalties are enforced on violators or improper handling of asbestos wastes.
  • Federal and local organizations oversee the scope and process of asbestos work. That involves dealing with ACMs, asbestos spills, storage, disposal, and cleanup.


Asbestos-containing materials can cause serious illnesses, which is the reason why the North Carolina government and agencies impose strict standards. Let us talk about the dangers of asbestos and how to effectively avoid them. Call Asbestos Extreme today!


Why Choose Asbestos Extreme?


We ensure consistency across all our removal service teams and our asbestos specialists will guarantee high-quality results.


  • Professional asbestos specialists.
  • Affordable and honest asbestos services.
  • Complete and safe asbestos removal and disposal.
  • Fully qualified and accredited service team with extensive experience in Charlotte, NC.
  • High-quality work and compliance with federal and NC regulations.


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Arrange Your Charlotte Asbestos Removal Project Now

Let Asbestos Extreme help arrange your asbestos removal project. Our specialists have significant experience and skills in asbestos work and can provide all the information about asbestos you need to make sure your property is in compliance with set health and safety codes.


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