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If you need a professional asbestos removal company in Winston-Salem, give us a call. Asbestos Extreme provides quality results in the Winston-Salem, NC area and is a trusted asbestos abatement firm with skilled specialists.


  • Accredited Winston-Salem, NC asbestos removal company.
  • Provides quality asbestos work.
  • Follows health and safety guidelines when controlling and managing disturbed ACM.


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Winston-Salem asbestos removal.

Professional Asbestos Services for Winston-Salem Homeowners


It makes sense to hire a professional asbestos removal company in Winston-Salem. Asbestos contractors have the needed skills and knowledge to safely conduct asbestos abatement in any home.


Here at Asbestos Extreme, we offer quality services to resolve your asbestos problems.

Asbestos Removal

When removing asbestos from your property, you should only work with professionals. Unlicensed and unqualified contractors might cause more problems than they solve.

Asbestos Insulation

It is common for older homes to have asbestos-containing materials and many construction materials including thermal insulations contain asbestos fibers.

Asbestos Abatement

You can trust that our asbestos abatement measures will not cause contamination in other areas of your home, as we will carefully plan and execute the abatement program.

Popcorn Ceiling Asbestos

If your home has a popcorn ceiling, it is highly likely that it contains asbestos compounds. Have a professional test it for asbestos fibers. If it contains an ACM, you can repair or completely remove the materials.

Asbestos Tile Removal

Floor tiles that have asbestos compounds are friable, so trying to remedy a damaged ACM like vinyl tiles is not a good idea. Let our professional asbestos contractors help and advise you.

Asbestos Testing

Performing asbestos work is complex and can be extremely dangerous. At Asbestos Extreme are a team of asbestos experts that provide safe asbestos testing. while following careful methods to avoid causing more problems.

The goal of Asbestos Extreme is to give the best asbestos abatement services in Winston-Salem. Our local asbestos specialists will take your situation seriously and provide the best quality work.


Do you want to test your Winston-Salem home for asbestos, or do you need assistance with asbestos removal and maintenance? Contact Asbestos Extreme now!

Winston-Salem, NC Asbestos Removal, Management, and Control

The city of Winston-Salem follows federal asbestos laws. Local codes have strict stipulations for the managing and disposing of asbestos-containing materials in order to guarantee the general public’s safety.

Some requirements include:

  • An accredited Winston-Salem asbestos abatement company should perform any asbestos-related work including testing, collecting, removing, and disposing of ACM.
  • The asbestos permits given by the governing agencies must be followed. Noncompliance with the NC  asbestos removal laws will result in costly fines.
  • Organizations that are regulating asbestos removal in NC include the EPA and OSHA.


There are numerous health risks connected to long asbestos exposure such as respiratory conditions and cancers. Federal and local governments are ensuring the safety and health of the public by enforcing strict asbestos laws. Hire a North Carolina asbestos removal contractor to deal with your asbestos problem.

    Common Asbestos-Containing Materials in North Carolina Homes


    How can you tell if a material has asbestos compound if it is not visible to the naked eye? Determining if a material has asbestos is quite difficult. An ACM might be in your home and you might not realize it.


    Here are the most common applications of asbestos-containing materials in homes:

    • Pipes

    Yes, even the pipes in your home could have asbestos compound. Asbestos cement was also widely used for pipe systems.

    • Roofing and gutters

    Roof shingles and some gutterings are manufactured with asbestos in them. If disturbed or damaged, asbestos residue can get stuck on the gutters or it can be blown by the wind and spread in your neighborhood, thus affecting more people.

    • Bathroom Sheeting

    Old homes were typically built using “Versilux” boards which contain asbestos fibers and were usually placed in the shower and bath. This type of board usually has recessed or beveled edges. 

    • Dining and kitchen

    Aside from the wall sheets, some vinyl tiles or floorings usually installed in the dining and kitchen area may contain asbestos. 

    • Fencing

    Fence panels, capping, and woven fencing is just some places where you can find asbestos. It is extremely important that fences that are considered to be ACM be replaced. 

    • Walls and ceilings

    Surfacing materials used on the walls and ceiling may also have asbestos compounds. Such sprays are applied to fireproof ceilings and other materials. So even if the walls and ceilings do not have asbestos, the surfacing material may do.


    Is your home built between 1970 and 1990? If yes, it is highly likely that its structure contains asbestos. If unsure, it is best to assume that your home has ACM until a professional says otherwise.


    Call Asbestos Extreme to perform asbestos services in your home and receive a hassle-free asbestos removal quote today!


    Let Us Discuss Your Winston-Salem Asbestos Remediation Needs

    As a local asbestos removal company, we are well aware of Winston-Salem’s asbestos requirements. Work with us and know that your home will soon be asbestos-free. Asbestos Extreme will be responsible for:


    • Identifying where the ACM could be in your home.
    • Determining the condition of ACM and the best solutions to your asbestos problems.
    • Providing a reasonable asbestos removal estimate.
    • Performing quality work that will avoid contamination and other issues.


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