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Asbestos Abatement in Charlotte, North Carolina


It is dangerous to be exposed to airborne asbestos fibers, so finding asbestos on your property is a serious issue. Minimize the health impacts of damaged asbestos-containing materials today, and request an asbestos abatement!


Asbestos Extreme contains your asbestos abatement needs to one simple process, so you can feel safer in your home faster. We offer solutions that will relieve you of any undue stress about the safety of your home.

Comprehensive North Carolina Asbestos Abatement Services

Asbestos is a fibrous mineral that was widely used in construction materials in 1970. Unfortunately, researchers found numerous health risks associated with this type of fiber., and to this day, there are NC properties that have asbestos-containing materials.


Inflammation of the lungs, respiratory problems, and cancer are just some of the long-lasting effects of exposure to asbestos. At Asbestos Extreme, we actively work to help families have safer homes. Our North Carolina asbestos abatement services include:


  • Creating a plan and preparing for the asbestos work.
  • Assess the scope of work and pull the right resources to start the process.
  • Inspect and identify the location of the asbestos-containing materials.
  • Carefully remove asbestos, including from building materials like popcorn asbestos ceilings, vinyl tiles, and drywalls.
  • Contain and manage infected rooms or spaces. Prevent you and your family from risks of exposure.
  • Monitor the asbestos work and comply with safety and health regulations.
  • Manage and control risks arising from the asbestos abatement process.


Need a highly recommended and efficient asbestos abatement service in North Carolina? Get in touch with Asbestos Extreme today.

Why do you need To Consider Charlotte, NC Asbestos Abatement?


Asbestos fibers are hazardous minerals that can cause severe diseases and illnesses that can make one’s life miserable. Worse is that the effects of exposure tend to develop over the years. Simply put, anyone who has contact with asbestos fibers may suffer from symptoms for years.


Even minimal exposure to this toxic mineral can alter your life, so it is necessary to perform asbestos abatement as soon as possible.


Federal and state governments expect people to comply with safety and health codes, especially when it involves dangerous material.


  • Accredited Charlotte asbestos removal companies should perform the asbestos work. They can do asbestos testing, asbestos removal, and asbestos abatement.
  • Failure to comply with the strict standards on handling ACM will result in huge fines.
  • The strict regulations for the storage, removal, and disposal of asbestos wastes are governed by agencies. Aside from the federal government, organizations like OSHA and EPA oversee asbestos-related work. 
  • Request information about our professional asbestos abatement today. Our asbestos experts will be happy to discuss your asbestos service needs.

Asbestos Extreme: Keeping Homes Asbestos-Free for Years

Doing asbestos abatement on your own is not only difficult but also dangerous.


The old ways:

  • Homeowners inspecting damaged asbestos-containing materials by themselves, exposing themselves to asbestos fibers and risking their health.
  • Getting stressed about how to quickly fix the disturbed ACM. 
  • Settling on a simple patch-up and not realizing the dangers of the released asbestos in the room.


This is where Asbestos Extreme enters the picture. Our specialists will ensure your property is free of toxic asbestos fibers.


Our ways:

  • Professional asbestos abatement service in Charlotte, North Carolina.
  • A fast and comprehensive response to customer needs, especially in an emergency.
  • Accredited and skilled asbestos contractors.
  • Advanced technology and methods to make the entire process efficient.
  • Controlling and managing ACMs as prescribed by asbestos removal laws.
  • Friendly staff, partners, and asbestos specialists that will help to create the right abatement plan for you.
  • Work with other accredited facilities and specialists.


Let Asbestos Extreme help make your property safe and beautiful again. Call us to schedule an asbestos test or to arrange an asbestos abatement service

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    Hiring a professional asbestos abatement company is highly recommended, as asbestos contractors undertake are experts in testing, management, removal, and disposal of asbestos.


    Asbestos Extreme has teams of experts trained to perform high-quality asbestos work. Our services will deliver the results you need to make your home happy and healthy.


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